An intelligent Cockpit

Pilot your Wimbi Boats® uncompromisingly, you are her captain.

Your Wimbi Boats® cockpit shall fully embrace your navigation style.


Wimbi Boats® cockpits are spacious to accommodate the pilot and their teammate. Their style is plain and practical so as to leave free spaces on the various panels to welcome special navigation equipment and thus offer a wide range of customisation possibilities.

Accessory-wise, drink holders are fitted on the top next to a straight strip enabling you to put your personal belongings away safely. A large windscreen enabling you to be sheltered from the wind faces the marine compass, and a wide range of colours for your steering wheels are available. A large watertight storage compartment quickly accessed by the pilot is located on the lower part.

Wimbi boats des 2 réservoir quand version long range 1 réservoire de 350 litres + 1 de 50 litres

Many navigation aids can therefore be installed, such as nautical charts, a GPS device, an autopilot, a music station and traditional or digital engine meters. You can also customise the colour of your Wimbi Boats® cockpit so that it may match the hull and inflatable dinghy.




le cockpit bateau semi rigide pneumatique