Your boat’s Manufacturing process

Many key stages from the design to the delivery of your Wimbi Boats®

Beyond the deck and quarterdeck area of your Wimbi Boats®, you can find on all inboard models a separate, spacious and useful zone, known as the Wimbi Boats® PLATFORM. As an absolute continuation of the hull located right after the sunbathing area, this platform can be used for a variety of purposes, be it to step down onto port whenever the boat is moored stern-to or most of all during anchorage.



Your passengers, children and grownups alike, will enjoy magical times aboard the Wimbi Boats® PLATFORM.



Wimbi Boats Mouillage Echelle de bain 1100

From the rear platform, you gain access to a trapdoor revealing a telescopic ladder, which can be put out to water within a few seconds and enable you to effortlessly make your way into the sea and easily climb back up after bathing.


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Be they stretched out, seated, standing or ready to dive, the Wimbi Boats® PLATFORM, which is entirely decked with FLEXITEAK®, can welcome several people at a time. It enables you to wash yourself down with the shower head after bathing and launching the sea ladder and gain access to our very useful compartment* to store snorkelling accessories.

*Option currently in its development phase




Wimbi Boats La Plateforme


Admittedly, while this large landing stage serving as a continuation of your Wimbi Boats® has mainly been studied for the W7i© and W9i© inboard versions, as an outboard version, for the W7© et W9©, we have also worked on her design to optimise a U-shaped area, and thus offer easy access to the sea and an effortless disembarkation of your guests.